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The ferris wheel is the very first Little People set that featured a wind-up music box and a ride that spins by itself.

This Ferris Wheel has a masonite (wood) base. The base has 2 yellow wooden upright posts that hold a round white wheel. The wheel has 4 seats (blue, green, red, yellow) with a round peg within each seat. The base has 2 yellow wooden steps under the wheel to load and unload passengers. One side of the wheel has a small white plastic ticket booth house. The front has a round white plastic turn knob marked "TURN" with an arrow in blue. The knob activates the Ferris Wheel by making it turn and it activates the music box to play "In the Good Ole Summertime". The side of the ticket booth has a permanently attached mad boy who turns a geared crank handle as the ferris wheel spins. The mad boy who turns the crank has a green body with a wooden head and a red side-ways baseball cap.